Fitness Centre /Gym

A fitness centre or a gym must be a space designed keeping in mind not just the workout but also the gym members and the employees.
At VFT, our experts strive to develop fitness environments that highlight a facility’s primary offerings, while keeping the customer’s motivated and engaged for a healthy lifestyle.
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Cannabis Regulated Products

Bring your brands to life with great commercial environments by VFT!
We strive to deliver not just spaces for your Cannabis Regulated Products but experiences that our clients cherish for years to come. Our experts, with their creative thinking create art as per the requirements of the business.
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Health & Wellness

A health and wellness space must radiate warmth; the space must give a feeling of reassurance to the patients that they will be welcomed and well taken care of here!
At VFT, we strive to develop a wellness space which supports healing. Our primary focus is on comfort, safety and a positive environment that supports the long term goals of both patients and staff.
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Office Workspace

Imbibing and embracing the essence of your business in your workspace is very important. Your office must give out a vibe that is pure manifestation of the brand and its ideologies.
At VFT, our experts work closely to understand all your requirements and come up with a workspace which turns out to be the most productive for you.
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Retail Showrooms

Make a memorable first impression on your customers with an enticing retail space developed by VFT!
We undertake contracts focussed on tenant build-outs in malls, lifestyle centers, retail outlets, airports, and office complexes.
Our experienced construction crew can complete your most challenging remodels, new prototypes, and new store expansion or office relocations with the utmost ease.
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Restaurant & Bar

Nothing brings people together like good food served in a good environment.
The best restaurants and bars can only be made by someone who understands the two foundational elements of the brand – its menu and its customers thoroughly.
At VFT, our experts make sure that there is never a bad seat in the house. Sightlines, privacy, and comfort are taken care of at each table.
Reach out to us to know how we tend to make your restaurant, not just any restaurant but a memorable gathering place!